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Auto Injury Chiropractic in Wichita

Women with sore neckDr. Dave experienced two horrible accidents when he was younger. When he was a high school junior, he got rear-ended by a truck that was doing 65 miles an hour. His neck was badly injured, and chiropractic was the only thing that kept him from having a surgery. A few years later, Dr. Dave was in another terrible accident. He was in his dad’s 1970 Chevy pickup, hit another vehicle and his head went through the passenger window.

I could’ve potentially been killed in that one too, but I want to share these incidents with patients to let them know I can empathize with them.

What Happens to Your Body in an Accident?

What occurs depends on which direction you get hit. Some patients are aware of the impact, while others are not. After an accident, you have a great release of endorphins, which can block the signal of pain. That’s why you may not feel as bad as you really are. About two days after you’ve been involved in an accident, the pain is usually at its worst. At that point, you’ll find a lot of patients who will just take ibuprofen and think the pain will eventually go away.

“I’ve seen many, many times where patients will say, ‘It’s been a month since my accident. I thought it was just going to get better and go away. But actually, it’s gotten worse,'” added Dr. Dave.

A Snowball Effect

What’s happening is your body does an excellent job of adapting to its environment. When your spine gets twisted up after being in an impact like that, it’s similar to a snowball effect. It’s not as bad in the beginning, but it will compound over time, and then you start to realize it’s not getting better. Patients then realize they probably should seek somebody out to determine what’s going on.

Seek Care Right Away

Even if you feel okay after an accident, you need to have a chiropractor. Dr. Dave is a certified Auto Injury Specialist. He’s had postgraduate training in helping people with auto accident injuries. So even if you feel fine, your kids are in the vehicle, and they tell you they’re okay, you all need to see an auto injury specialist to get checked.

Was your child also in the car?

It is important to note that children often show symptoms differently. Symptoms to look for in children include.

  • Change in mood
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep pattern – unable to fall asleep easily, waking frequently or increased sleep.
  • Pulling of ears
  • Hitting head with hands
  • Complaining of neck or back pain

Our Natural Approach to Healing

Many people who are in accidents will go to the ER at the hospital and have a CT scan done or some X-rays. A doctor may write them a script for some muscle relaxers. “Inevitably, 99% of the time they’ll say, ‘Hey, everything looks good,'” said Dr. Dave.

Inevitably, these patients come to our office for care, sometimes a week later. Dr. Dave will reevaluate their X-rays and can see areas where work needs to be done. “We want people to know that even though they’ve been told that they’re good to go at the hospital, they still need to get checked by a specialist,” he added.

Most auto injury patients under chiropractic can experience a resolution of their problems in three months.

What Happens If I Don’t Get Care?

If you don’t seek attention for your injuries after an accident, your joints will prematurely wear out. Sometimes you won’t experience the effects until months or even years later. But inevitably, that joint won’t be in its proper place.

It’s just like having the alignment out in your car. Your tires are going to wear out too fast, just as your joints are going to wear out quickly. With chiropractic, we could have handled care pretty simply early on. Now all of a sudden, you’re looking at possibly having to have spinal surgery.

Contact Us Today

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, contact Engelken Chiropractic & Acupuncture today. The sooner you can get in for auto injury care Wichita, the quicker we can help you get on the road to healing. If you come in after an injury, please understand that your appointment will take a little bit longer because we’re typically taking more imaging than what we normally would.

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